D1 and USB connection


I have a new D1 machine and all the firmware and software have been updated to the latest and greatest via wifi. The machine works well using lightburn and/or laser box with a WIFI connection. But I can not connect to this machine using usb connections. I get a “connection failed” error. It is a new laptop and I can connect other devices to the usb ports and they work fine so I don’t think it’s the computer. Hoping there is something I can try as I have been trying on my own for 2 days to no avail. I need to connect using usb as where I want to work I do not have WIFI.
Drivers CH341
Lightburn 1.1.04
Laserbox 1.2.0
windows 10 home.

Thanks in advance


Quick update. Lightburn now recognizes the laser through USB. Haven’t done anything different it just started working. Laserbox continues to fail connection.


Hey, I don’t have an xTool, but I’d like to point out that mBlock may not notice your post unless you mention them. Mentioning them like @tech_support, @makeblock123, etc. will send them a message linked to this so that they see it faster. Now that I’ve mentioned them, you might get some responses!

Just remember to mention them next time you have a question.
Don’t worry, I make the same mistake a lot! :smile:

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Thanks so much. I didn’t know that. In any case It finally recognized it.


That’s wonderful! I’m glad I could help you too! Have a nice day!


I was having trouble connecting my new xTool D1 thru USB.
So I did several Windows updates to my old 2008 Toshiba laptop.
Downloaded the http://www.wch-ic.com/downloads/CH341SER_EXE.html driver again, re-installed it again and Success !! Lightbox now recognizes the D1.
Try updating Windows and installing this driver, it is located on the XTool D1 support sight.