Connection problems in Android


Hi, i updated to the new version, in my ipad it works but i can´t connect to ultimate 2.0 with android on a Moto G5 s Plus. Any idea?


Does that support Bluetooth LE?


I don´t know, but before it worked perfect; now only with apple ipad/iphone


The Ultimate 2.0 worked before with same phone Moto G5?
Now it still works with ipad/iphone. So please try to check the Moto G5 itself. Can it connect to another device via Bluetooth?


Hi, it worked before. I downloaded makeblock v3.0.6 apk from a repository and it worked perfect. With apple no problem with any version.


The current Makeblock should be V3.1.9, have you tried this one?
As it works with ipad/iphone, there is nothing wrong with the module/robot itself.

  1. With the same phone and the same tablet with Android 7 doesn´t connect bluetooth with version 3.1.9; only en Android;

  2. with apple no problem (with the same robot)

  3. The solution I found was installing the APK v. 3.0.6

  4. please read some commentaries on the google play store, some people commented this problem



Thank you for your feedback, we’ll forward this to the software team.
By the way, with version 3.1.9, can you detect Bluetooth signal on Moto g5?
Did you enable GPS on the Moto? That is important to connect Bluetooth.
If the App doesn’t support the phone, there will be a message saying “incompatible device”.


thank you!
I didn´t read “incompatible device”, and the gps was activated, but I reiterate that with make de test with the same phone with same conditions. And the apk v3.0.worked.


Glad to hear that. But V 3.1 is not still not working?


no. thanks.


Having the kissanime same issue on my Pixel running on Android 9.0 Pie. When will it groupme be fixed?


Please reply with more details:
Which App?What is the App version?
What is the model of the robot?
What is the phone model number?
Can it detect its Bluetooth signal?
Have you enabled GPS?




Again problems with bluetooth, version 3.2.0 an android 8.1