Chromebook App not talking to mbot


I installed the Makeblock mBot for Scratch X on a Chromebook. It starts up and claims successful connection via either Bluetooth or USB and successfully starts Scratch X. However when I try to run programs from scratch X the mbot does not respond to any of the commands.
The mbot works fine via USB from my Windows 10 PC and also an iOS App I tried.
I made sure the firmware is up to date and the default program loaded onto the mbot.

Any ideas what I could try to fix or further investigate the problem?
Is there any indicator in ScratchX to show me whether the mbot is still connected?


Hi, I would suggest you to use “mBlock” rather than “Makeblock mBot for Scratch X”

We are so sorry to tell you that mBot can only connect to Chromebook via USB cables due to technical issues. If you have downloaded mBlock from google webstore, it also shows only USB cable connection is available.


Thanks, this works and solves the problem. Please note that, currently, mBlock does not come up on the chrome store when searching for mbot - making it somewhat hard to find unless you know the name of the app already.


Glad to hear it works and thanks for reminder, we will provide feedback to product team.