Capacitive sensor Arduino


I’m new to arduino en mblock. I’d like to make a program where it reads a high signal when someone touches a copper plate. Searching through the net made me find something that’s called a capacitive sensor.
Is it possible to do this with mblock, without writing your own library?How would the hardware setting look like?


Makeblock do already make a captive touch sensor see

I have 1 and it works well


Thanks for the advice but I need a bigger sensor. (Plate square 20 cm) It’s for my pupils and they have to tap a plate left/right with the palm of their hand. I’m afraid a (selfmade) button won’t last long…


have a look at this


I’ve tried that hardware setting. I’m able to read a difference when I touch the plate in c code. I’m juist not able to notice this with an mBlock.At what value would it give a high signal because I’ve to read this as a digital pin in mBlock…


There won’t be a difference between mblock and ardunio as mblock just creates ardunio code and sends it off the ardunio compiler. Scratch is a language but a cut and paste for other languages.

Open the tab on the right of mbock to see what ardunio code is being generated by the scratch blocks.


I’ve checked that code but they don’t use the library for a capacitive sensor,so he never reads a high input…