Can't Solve Level 6-3 mBot Ranger App


I’m working with my daughter using the Makeblock application and we haven’t succeeded at this level. What should we do? Thank you in advance for your help


@Lilou88 Click the ? for a hint:
I think the issue is the repeat. Try just the same code, not in the repeat block.
Thanks, and good luck!


When we click on the ?, it tells us to use the repeat block… We’ve tried without the bloc repeat, but it still doesn’t work.


@Lilou88 Try changing the position of the LED block, also try using one that is ONboard LED and not LED Panel. Thanks!


Thank you for your prompt reply. We’ve tried all the moves and with an LED, it doesn’t work. The robot doesn’t seem to detect sound.
I’m desperate!


@Lilou88 Don’t worry! As soon as I can my mBot Ranger working (later this week), I’ll do some tests of my own. You can try to upload codes to it manually using the mBlock Blockly App or mBlock 5.4.0 on a PC. Good luck in the meantime!