Can't Connect to mBot Ultimate with Phone


Hello, I have the Makeblock Ultimate Starter Kit Version 1. When i turn it on, I can pair with the Bluetooth card with my phone; however, the app will not connect. I can see my robot from the app and choose it to attempt to connect to, but it never connects successfully. Any tips?
The light on the bluetooth card slowly blinks blue whether paired or not.


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@TobyandDad, welcome to the forum!

This is a bug in the makeblock app. The bug has been reported, and we are all waiting for an update.
In the meantime, you can still try by making sure that Bluetooth permission is on for the makeblock app, and that the mBot Ultimate doesn’t connect to anything else before you try to connect the app. (Sometimes, you connect directly to the app and not your phone).

I hope this helps you!


Thanks for the heads up about the bug!! Gpod to know it is a known issue. Hope it gets fixed soon, so we can play with this awesome robot.


@TobyandDad No problem! You can, of course, use mBlock PC in the meantime, or use it online with mLink at

Good luck!


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