Can you please fix the Makeblock Store?


Some weeks ago, I purchased 20+ items. They are still in my shopping cart and even if I delete them, they will be back the next time I visit. And when I login, another 9 items are added. Please? This makes it super-annoying to be a Makeblock customer?


@jenschr The same kept happening with me too


@jenschr@ethanscott please tell me which country are you ordering items from. I will send an engineer to investigate this.


Hi Ethanscott & jenschr,
Sorry if any trouble caused.
We tried check the order with your email address, nothing appear.
We have colleague checked that we can delete for you. But we need know how did you operate and saw the order come again. Please take screen shot of that and video of your operation to corresponding colleague Darcy email:


Hi Darcy. Thanks for reaching out. I’ve just emailed you this link that is a screen recording of me emptying the shopping basket (one item at a time since there is no “delete all” or “empty basket”). I then login and all the items are added back + some new ones. You can also briefly see the order in which I received all these components. After I delete it all, everything is gone, but when I login tomorrow - all the same items will be in my basket :-/

Here is the link to the video also:


Hi ethanscott,
Please make sure you have login your own account, then delete the order you want to delete.
If you haven’t login, deleting does not take effect and you will see those deleted orders when you login your account.


Whenever I try to purchase something from the makeblock store I am unable to find the shopping cart. The shopping cart doesnt appear whether I am logged in or not. The product pages don’t have a 'add to shopping cart option and when I add things to the wishlist and then choose ‘add to shopping cart’ from there, it doesnt do anything. How am I supposed to buy the parts I need? Please help. I have attached some screenshots for reference.


Hi. A month ago I bought some items without problem. But now till yesterday I’m trying to buy but the chart icon never appear in the web store. Ilogin with my account and when I select an item to buy the chart doesn’t appear. Is there any problem with the web


Hi roboticadkids,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Now we will no longer serve online shopping on the official website, please visit our Amazon store or retail to buy your products. We have report on the official website home page.


Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to buy from amazon store. The problem I have now is that some items that I bougth at your official website, is not available at amazon store or I can’t fint them. Can you guide me on how to buy this items: 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm (4-Pack) SKU 14202 –
Cuttable Linkage 080 - Blue (10-Pack) SKU 84416 --Nylon Lock Nut 4mm (50-pack) SKU 71004 – Socket Cap Screw?M4 x 14mm - Button Head (50-Pack) SKU 70555 – Bracket 3 x 3 - Blue (4-Pack) SKU 61500.


Same here and I spend a lot of money in the store. Have a major project on pause due to not being able to get to the shopping cart.

Checked out the amazon store it has no parts from the DIY section. If you have another vendor please let me know. I need several pieces.



Sorry. We know that there cause a lot inconveniences when the official website changed. Now we are trying to negotiate with Amazon how to add more items on Amazon. In a short future, many items will be available on Amazon in form of kits and packs. Thank you for your attention and support.


Awesome. I the mean time I have found alternative supplies for a few parts, but Ideally i’d like to stick with your parts, as the quality has been superb. I think I have between $3500-$4000 of your DIY parts and can’t wait to get more!


Thank you very much for your support.


is there any way to purchase: Plate A-Blue at the moment? It’s a unique piece and I need about 12-20 for tracked suspension system


Sincerely sorry for the trouble caused by changes of our official website.
Now for purchasing single item, please turn to your local Makeblock distributor. Here you can select your region and check the local distributor contact info:

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Also we are trying to negotiate with Amazon that adding some items to Amazon market in form of kits and packs.
Thank you very much for your support.


So a rang up the local distributors and everything is 4-6 week back order and I have deadlines. Is there anyway to get the tolerances for your 4mm shaft? I need to do a private mill run since all third party 4mm does not fit certain blocks. It would seem your 4mm shaft is closer to 0.156 in size.

I’ve now wasted $100 on useless 4mm shaft because I can’t get any of yours from any distributor in the US/Canada.

In the event of product unavailability it would be nice to have product dimensions.

Studica is who was most helpful, and I have an order in with them for less important pieces.

Can you recommend a store anywhere in the world that would have sooner parts availability? I am willing to pay any shipping/broker/tax price, so provider location is unemportant.

[edit 2]
I might have figured it out: 5/32 or 3.96875mm will allow stainless steel rod to glide through as guide rails. Hopefully this helps others also in need of 4mm shaft for guide-rails.

[edit 3]
Uxcell produces HSS 4mm shaft in 50mm,100mm,150mm,etc that works great with the makeblock system. It’s on Amazon, has Prime, and prices are similar.

Also is 4-6 weeks a current global back order?


Sorry for the trouble caused. Actually we were considering the expensive tariff and freight, so cancel online store from our website. Currently if you need the items in a short time or cannot get from local distributor, we would try to check the sales if we can ship you the product you need directly. As for the backer time, we’ll check that with sales department. If necessary, you may email me any details at Thank you!


Thank you for this response. I’m travelling for the next 10 days, but will put together an inventory of what I need, and send it over.

Any help finding retailers/etc to help fulfill the order will be greatly appreciated.


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