BOOK of makeblock


How about a book that explains more of the inside of your boards and not to just use it with your products. I personally love your boards but i save no infor of how to use it with anything else then your ports


Hi Setsys,

From our learn website, you can find the schematics for most of our mainboards.
If you know the circuit schematics very well, You should be able to do extended project by connecting it to other electronic modules.


Well what if I do not understand the schematics? Especially that many of them have Chinese letters that I have no clue that they mean. And I know for a fact that referring just to what you have you your web doesn’t help that much and probably lots of people would say the same since most of us are only beginners trying to figure out how your staff works. It’s easy to fallow the instructions of how to build the robots and to upload the “ready” program to the board and controlled with your phone but that’s about it. There is no explanation of how to create your own firmware to upload to the board or either how the firmware that you give to the board work step by step. Anyway that’s just an idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Setsys,
Currently, Makeblock’s goal is to focus on developing STEAM education, to simplify coding for beginners. That’s why we don’t have teaching materials for creating firmware yet, which is for advanced users like you. Anyway, thanks for your feedback and supports! We will forward your concerns to related personnel. Maybe they will have plan to provide more advanced materials for users :relaxed:



I’ve made an article on

It explains the mCore and Auriga layout and how to program them with the Arduino libraries.

I’ve even made my own Makeblock compatible sensors and LEDs.