Ball shooter (made with the mBot Ranger)


Hi everyone,

I turned my mBot Ranger into a ball shooter.

Maybe you like to see the video:

Shooting is done with a dc motor, and an encoder motor is used for setting the slope of the shooter. To shoot in different directions, you can turn around the Ranger itself by using its wheels.







It was fun to make. I am thinking about using it for a little game with more boxes…

Btw, you’ve made an interesting book about the mBot Ranger! Unfortunatly, I don’t speak Spanish, but your book gave me a few new ideas anyway. I am working on a little book in my own native language (Dutch).

If you would like to see more video’s that I made about the mBot and the mBot Ranger, please check out my YouTube channel:


Great robot! Do you have an instructions to build this robot?



I am sorry, I didn’t make building instructions for this ball shooter.