App crashes when starting the drive modus


I have an mBot v1.1 with bluetooth and a pixel2 mobil phone. When I start the MAKEBLOCK app and connect with the mBot I can use the draw and drive modus as well as the music modus. But when I start the drive modus to remote controle the mBot the app crashes.

Same happens with zuckZ1 mobilphone.



Hi Mari,
So each time you select Drive, the App log out automatically or it gets stuck?
What is the language of the Phone?
What is version number of your Makeblock App?
How about trying to reinstall the App?


Yes, each time I select Drive, the App logs out automatically.
The language of my phone is German.
I use Makeblock App v3.1.8.
I tried to reinstall several times.


Please try language as English.
May I have the exact model number of the 2 phones? We will check with software team. Thanks for your feedback.