APP crash issue


Today i updated kissanime my iPhone X from iOS 11.3 to iOS 12 but after updating the app letgo is opening as a blank screen and it then crashes. Any solution? Thanks in advance.



I updated to iOS 12 on iPad, no issue. Would you please try to reinstall the App to make sure it can run properly after system update? By the way, Makeblock App version should be 3.1.9.


I have been using a Makeblock App in my iPhone form long time as Apple Support has suggested me. But recently from a few days, the App is getting crashed. What can be the reason behind this?
What can be the way to come out of this situation?
Is it any problem with my device.


Hi Smithdavid,
I didn’t duplicate the same issue. Is any special operation done before it got crashed? Any other software was installed recently?
How often it happens?
And what is the system version off your phone? And version number of your Makeblock App?