(Ad) Laser Engraving Machines for Wood


Wood is a material known to everybody, and there are so many things made out of it being engraved: toys, souvenirs, even decorative boards for cheese. On a chair you sit on, there might be an engraving with the serial number. So, how and with what kind of equipment can these images and inscriptions be done?
Today we’ll get to the bottom of this case: wood engraving by the laser CO2 machine.

Where wood laser engraving being used?

Aesthetically pleasing and ecological. And what a smell! Because of all this wood is used in a lot of different spheres:

  • Elements of engraving can be found on furniture: an ornament or deep engraving of the eagle on the top of a table, covered under the glass;
  • Toys, bijoutier, caskets, pins, and trinkets;
  • Engraving is used in branding: signs, nameboards, special cup holders, logos, ets.;
  • It can come in handy during the models’ creation, both for game and professional assembling;
  • By using laser cutting and engraving, handcraft and art craftsmen create their objects d’art.
  • There are way more ways to apply the engraving, from the manufacturing necessarily to the artistic instrument.

Wood engraving methods

Besides the laser machine, there are two more types of equipment we’ll talk about. Milling machine and woodburning tool. Both allow you to make 3D images on the surface, but the methods differ from one another.

Closest to the engraving process would be woodburning, since we’re dealing with the material’s evaporation in that case as well. Woodburning, or pyrography, to be more accurate, as it’s clear from the name itself, is more of an art implement than a production technique. A laser machine is first and foremost an instrument for the officiant business running. But if you’re interested in the engraving, in which the imprint of a human excursion can be seen, then woodburning might captivate you.


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