(Ad) A laser can cut paper


There are different types and you need to know their characteristics before you start working. Well, there really are many types of this material. Some are easy to work with on a laser machine. Some have additives and impurities in their composition or coating, so that the harmful vapours released when the beam heats up do not enter the operator’s lungs but are carried away, so you need good ventilation. And to cut very thin paper, such as tracing paper, it is necessary to use either relatively low laser power or ultraviolet, or to do it manually.

So what kind of paper and cardboard can be cut? Here’s a list:

  • Postcard paper (e.g. scrapbooking);
  • Copy paper;
  • Art print paper;
  • Industrial double-ply paper;
  • Construction paper;
  • Cartonboard;
  • Electrical board;
  • Corrugated cartonboard.

UV is thought to be the best of lasers in terms of cutting paper goods quality. He very quickly performs the most painstaking work even on very thin paper.


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