About search by category


On this forum site, I tried to find a topic containing the category of mblock extension, but I found only one. And that was not a topic in the category of mblock extension. I want you to improve it.


Will you just enter key words in the search bar? Currently I am not very sure what is the exact issue of search by category. We are checking it now.


In this way, a topics have nothing to do with the searched categories.


Please just click on the category tag and get all articles on that category. Me too cannot understand the logic of discourse search.


What happens if you try a search in the mblock extension category?


Just hit the search button, like this:


Could you show me the whole picture of the page?


What I feel is a search on the main page.
Concrete method

  1. Go to the main page
  2. Click the magnifying glass mark
  3. Click on the blue “options”
  4. Search category from “Category” tab
    If you search the mblock extension category here, it will be as before.


Enter the category first, then search from there.


I’m sorry I can not convey the meaning.
The category search I consider is to search all topics including the category, not to search for topics in the category.



  1. Go to the makeblock forumhomepage
  2. Click the magnifying glass
  3. Click “option”
  4. Click “All categories” in “categorized”
  5. Click “mblock mblock Extension”
  6. Search




I see this as an important flaw in the forum. I am sad if you don’t take this issue seriously. :cry: