3D printer concept


Hi all,
I needed to relax a bit from work yesterday so I doodle’d a 3D printer concept built with Makeblock parts. Apart from the Ballscrew in the center back and the LMU bushings. These could in fact have been swapped for the Linear Motion Slide Units from Makeblock. I’m sure that apart from electronics and 3D printer parts, one could build this with more than 90% Makeblock parts.

Now if I only had the required $1000 to buy all the required Makeblock parts… :wink:
The additional parts, including two E3D hotends, powerful steppers, electronics & powers supply would also be quite a bit - about $500.


I remember makeblock already ahving a 3D chocolate printer… where did that go ?


Cool!!! Maybe you can share the 3D file to us :smile:


Oh, you remember it another way. :wink:


I mean this one:

Did it ever go in production ? It would be nice to see (but too expensive to buy…).


HI @paulcobbaut,

I’m sorry for that. we just made a 3D prototype at that time. But we do have plan to develop the 3D printer this year, it still need to take a few months.


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