12V rechargable battery


I´ve working with DC-Motors, Stepper motors and Robots and it´s pretty inconvenient to use the power cord to run them.
So currently I´m using 2, 5V rechargable battery packs (the ones commonly used for recharging battery cellphones) in series using 2 USB cables + a DC jack.
It would be great to get a 12V rechargable battery that could be mounted in the current makeblock-beams and be able to be charged too with the 12V-2A power supply.


Yeah great idea to have a rechargeable battery pack that can be built in a way to fit onto a base bracket or a beam. As long as it is 2500mAh or greater it should be good.


This what I bought:

The accumulators dimensions are very close to the original holder. I didn’t dare to glue it to the bracket (hence the wires). Apparently 6 AA batteries weren’t enough to power the robot before but now with 12V x 2A it feels like a tank :smile:

This is how it looks like:

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DC Motor Connector Angle

This looks cool. I noticed your battery pack looks different than the pictures on the site. Did your shipped battery look different than the websites pictures?


You are right. The battery I got looks different from the Amazon pictures. I didn’t even notice :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!!

I purchased the exact model battery pack, and I agree, now I can turn and run on carpet, I do not run it at full speed because the acceleration on the motors.

Thank you for the suggestion, I would recommend this pack to anyone who uses the tank.


A rechargeable battery pack would be a good product or module to add to the robotics kits, my students have been struggling with batteries that don’t last long enough or pop out of the holder.

i was able to take a 9.6v battery pack from and old RC car that i had laying around and modified the connector to the one on the Orion baseboard, it works a lot better and is more convenient.

i found this battery pack that could also work but haven’t used it tho.


@Tury, We are really sorry for the problem you are facing, and we do want the battery be packed. But because of the strict control regulation of international delivery, its not easy for batteries to do so.


Could you let me know what are the requirements of a battery to work properly with a Starter Kit robot? What are the parameters I need to look at and what are the ranges they could have etc. I don’t know anything about batteries so that would of great help.

From what I can gather, it seems that the voltage should be between 9V and 12V and should be 2500mAh or more. is there an upper limit to the mAh??


What would happen if you run it at full speed? I would burn the motors or something??


Yes your are correct the Starter Kit supports voltages between 9V and 12V
The mAh is the amount of current that can be transferred in a certain timeperiod (1 Amp during 1 Hour),
So the more mAh the longer the battery will last.

So based on this you can use one of those rectangular 9V batteries with the kit, but since they only hold around 450 and 500 mAh they will quickly run out of power, thus requiring a higher mAh.

I must also point out that the power consumption will depend on what modules & motors you use,
for example if you have a project that only uses a couple of sensor it will consume less power and the battery will last longer than a full blown robot that uses all sensors and motors


How about the LiPo battery? is 3S 2500mAh or greater good too? what is the maximum mAH, and what is your recommendation? Thanks!


I am using a 12V 6000mAh LiPo battery pack for both the mBot and the Starter kit. These are big battery packs with separate (included) chargers. They last a long time with both kits but I have a charged spare that I can swap in if my students run one down during the day. The particular one I have is by HitLights Power Bank model PWR-12V-B60 that I got on Amazon. It includes a short cable that has the correct connector/or you can use the ons included from MakeBlock. It will not charge from the USB cable. Works great, one of my better investments.


Hi All.
Great thread. Very useful.

I got hooked on robots over the school holidays when I bought the starter kit for my 9YO son. I plan to build a much bigger robot by adding a motor controller to the Orion board, some bigger motors to drive the tracks, and maybe a free wheel for third stability point. Then I want to integrate a voice controlled Blackberry Pi for more interactivity. This can apparently be done over the USB connection. https://oscarliang.com/connect-raspberry-pi-and-arduino-usb-cable/

One problem I want to solve at the outset is how to power the whole thing, and how to make it smart enough to return to a charging point. Has anyone seen a nice battery pack that has a simple mechanism for recharging?


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Thank you for the information provided, this is very helpful to me.

Currently I may have some questions about the sensor.


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what battery do you use?


Just a silly question. In theory, would a typical power tool 12V or 10.8V battery work with mBot/Ranger/Ultimate? Having some cordless drills lying around, with chargers :slight_smile:


Can we use this rechargable battery in thermostats? Is there any possible way to use it?

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