Smart Plant Project: Question on the Display block, etc - 5 Aug 2017


Hi Neuron team & fellow Neuron users,

smart plant project with the temperature & soil moisture blocks connected to the display block, the display block ONLY displays the block connected right next to it.

*Qn: Is it meant to display only the values of the block connected next to the display or is the display supposed to display both the readings for the soil moisture and temperature blocks?

Thank you


Hi, you are correct that the display could only display the values of the block connected next, so it cannot display values both from the soil moisture and temperature blocks.


hi IvanHoe,

I noticed the same thing. Only the block a proximited is displayed.

Use the Wi-Fi block with the IOS application.
Upload the program to the Wi-Fi block.

I close the Wi-Fi connection between the block and my iPad and it is correct. However, when I shutdown power, I have a problem. My program is’nt working. Everything has to be started again.

Does the code have to stay in the Wi-Fi block ??? Is this normal?


@tec_support, added you to this comment. Please consider the points below.

Thank you for your reply.

Please consider the feedback to display both readings of the Temperature and Soil Moisture on the Display, simultaneously.
It can be achieved through:

  • either a firmware upgrade or
  • a new display block
    This is more beneficial for project and learning purposes.
    (I believe the Display can accommodate both such readings on the top and bottom of the Display).


Firmware upgrade as I dont buy a new block just for that.

Solution I propose:

  • firmware upgrade to consider 2 blocks before block display;
  • firmware upgrade to consider 1 block before the block display and 1 block after;

Go … Makeblock


HI Crackel,

I see 2 Icons (of the Temperature & Soil Moisture) and the readings on your Display.

You are able to see both Temperature & Soil Moisture readings simultaneously on the Display?

*Can you please post a zoom in pic of above again? Thank you for your help.

*On my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 running on Android 4.4.2, Kitkat, I can only see 1 reading at a time, on the Display.


Yes, simultaneously on the Display?

Put the Merge instruction in the IOS application. You must click on the block display for additional instructions. Otherwise, there is a problem with the Android app … I will check in the afternoon.


Hi Michel,

Je vous remercie. Y avait-il des instructions supplémentaires lorsque vous avez cliqué sur les blocs?

Maybe there really is a problem with the Android app?
I clicked both the Temperature & Soil Moisture blocks, there is No additional instructions.

@XW_makeblock / @tec_support, is there a problem with the Android app?

Thank you


Oops my answer was in French. I have corrected.
The additional instructions are in the block display.

There aren’t additional instructions are in the Temperature & Soil Moisture blocks.


Hi Crackel,

This is normal, when the neuron is powered off, the uploaded program won’t be saved in wifi block.

For displaying both the temp sensor and soil moisture sensor, please check the answer in your other post.


H Tec_support,

Normal? If you have it that way. Would not it be more convenient to save the program to use offline?
Moreover, after my programming, there are some times when I have to place my block and I cut the current.
If not, we must think of a new block: brain. I joke :smiley:. Thank you for that clarification…


Hi Crackel,

Welcome! Yes, this is normal after confirmed.
As for your opinion, we will convey. Since neuron is our new start, we treasure all users views on use experience.


You are listening. I am very satisfied.


Hi @Crackel & @tec_support,

Yay! Tried what both of you shared, about displaying both temperature & soil moisture readings on the display and it works. Please see: Makeblock Neuron: Smart Plant Pro. Display Both Sensors Reading In Online Mode) P 1/2 - 1/9/17 and Makeblock Neuron: Smart Plant Pro. Display Both Sensors Reading In Online Mode) P 2/2 - 1/9/17

Though however, the logic about using “merge text” & “text”, upon clicking the “Display” block, still puzzles me. Why must do it this way?

@Crackel, how did you know(in your post 26 days ago) how to do it?

Thank you


Hi IvanHoe,

Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation.

My English is really bad which sorry if I do not understand your question exactly.
If you have to struggle with the merge text, here is an explanation.

Why must do it this way?

The text merge will be easier to use with some options: Center, Left, Right, Line break.
MakeBlock should add this to the application because it’s hard to do something perfect.

Conclusion : it misses formatting options or