Notification:Replacement of 25mm Defective Motor


Dear Makeblock Customers,

Hereby we inform you that today we are voluntarily replace limited quantity defective 25mm DC motors which produced during Sep.2014 to Oct.2014. We are providing replacement action freely after learning that some of 25mm motor can’t provide enough torque to run the tank successfully.

Please follow below steps to fix whether your motor can work well:
i. Please confirm whether the motor can rotate by hand or not. Please also confirm if both motor is defective or just one.
ii. In the full voltage condition, the robot can goes forward and backward just fine, but refuses to turn around.

Then issue an email with below information to The replacement will ship out within 3 working day.

  1. List out the defective item name and quantity.
  2. Describe the defective with photos or video. (If file is too large, please upload to Dropbox or Google Drive)
  3. A photo or screenshot of your order. (If you did not save the receipt please tell us which store you bought it and when)
  4. Shipping address. (Postcode and telephone number should be included)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this situation has created and we promise that we will continue to operate our business in a way that lives up to the high standards that you have always expected from us.

Makeblock Team

DC Motor Connector Angle

My motor cannot be turned by hand and will not turn when power is given to it.


(I’m tagging @Johnny because he seems to be in charge of the recall)

Thank you for handling the motor issue.

I sent the following email to with an attached picture of the motors on April 1 and have not received any response yet. not even a “we received your email” response.


I just bought 2 Start Robot Kits (1 Bluetooth and 1 IR). I put the kits together and tried them out. The motors are not strong enough to rotate the tank. I have followed the forum and saw that you are replacing the weak motors. I would like to get these motors replaced. I attached a picture of the motors.

I appear to be having problems with the sonar ranging units as well but I need to do more testing to verify that.

My address is:

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do.

I bought the kits at a Radio Shack that was closing. I do not have copies of the receipt.
I have verified that the ultra sonic range unit do work.

The test the motors, I used new batteries and the Bluetooth Robot Tank app. The robot goes forward and backward but does not turn around. Is there anything else I need to do to get replacement motors?


I have sent 3 emails all with no response. Over 2 weeks still no motors? Whats going on?


@Johnny @perome

I’ve sent an email about this issue as well, and have yet to receive a reply.

It sounds like makeblock is no longer offering support for this issue.

Are we stuck with these defective products?


Dear James,

I believe that you received your motors now. As your email is keep returning our mail, I tried many ways to delivery massege to you… Hope your robot work well now.


Hi, we arranged new motors for you last week, sorry about the late email, you can expecting to receive your motors in the next week.


I sent an email to on April 1 (27 days ago) and have heard nothing. Has anybody actually received replacement motors?


Hi I bought the makeblock ultimate kit and have new 6 aa batteries connected and also went through the troubleshooting checklist. I’m pretty sure I have the defective motors as the tracks will not move unless I have motor speeds at 200 or more. Even then it barely moves unless on a hard surface. It’s a awesome kit but the motor Will you be able to replace them?



I bought an ultimate kit and starter kit from radio shack… The motors are defective… I tried both ultimate and starter kit… the tank doesn’t make turns…

Please provide the replacement motors… I have sent the a detailed mail with video


@Syed_Idris_S_B, we have confirmed your email, thanks for your support to Makeblock.
Would arrange replacement for you as soon as possible, and would provide you the trackiing number once we have gotten.


I have several of the 25mm motors in several kits that I’ve purchased. Rather then send all 10 back, can you provide a specification for motor torque @ X current draw? And maybe a simple Arduino/Orion board test program that can measure motor current draw pulling up a dead weight that we can test the motors ourselves? Thanks kindly, love the Makeblock products.



Can you please contact me directly by my registered email address as I have a quantity of motors which do not work. I would really appreciate your prompt attention.

Like Carl Camp suggested, it would be great to have some simple spec to test these motors against to help identify faulty motors.

Thank you.


I purchased the ir starter robot kit from radio shack, who are going out of business. The motor and the IR remote is not working. How do I get this replaced and/or fixed.


I now own two Bluetooth Tank kits and two Ultimate Robot kits. Both tank kits have bad motors and my requests for replacements have not been answered. What is going on here?

Also, I noticed the app is still being updated on the app store, and the Joystick on the app is a lot less sensitive than it should be - the tank barely moves simply due to the iOS software. How can we get this fixed?


Tagging @evans_xy, and @peterlee as well. Please help me and these other customers.


@evans_xy @Pioneer I sent an email with the info for my defective motors and 2 follow up emails. I have not received any confirmation. Can anyone here update me and the others if this is still being handled and what the expected return for new motors would be?


@bishop, which email did you send to? I never received any email for replecement today, kindly send again to:, thanks!


Thank you @Pioneer I sent you a follow up email just now.


OK, I’ll try again. I just sent another email to support and to @Pioneer requesting replacement motors. I have not received any feedback.

Has anybody actually RECEIVED the promised replacement motors?