Need some help with hum/temp/etc. sensors


I am trying to run a program where if (say) humidity above 55, sound the buzzer/speaker.
However, it’ll continuously go buzz-buzz-buzz.
I want to do it

  1. 5 times, not more.
  2. Stop buzzing for (say) 15 min.
  3. If still low - repeat 1 above.

Counter doesn’t work as works off yes/no events whereas in case of these sensors it’s continuous updates.
How can this be accomplished?


Just checked. One of the idea cards has the same logic - SMART PLANT. The issue is “I am hot” or “I am thirsty” will go on and on!!


Any suggestions?


Hi Bmninada,

Good challenges, I’ll try tonight.

I will try some things like this:

  1. Switch (ON / OFF) = ON
  2. if> 55 then I add a 5 second delay instruction with the sound block
  3. I activate after the instruction delay a second switch (ON / OFF) with a counter that accumulates +1 every minute.
  4. if the counter> 15, I reset the first switch (ON / OFF) = ON and the second switch (ON / OFF) = OFF

Sorry for my English, I’ll put a picture of my solution tonight …


Hi bmninada,

I tried but the links between the objects in the application ios works very badly. I move a little objects and the links do not follow.

Finally: Here is the solution not to optimize because I had planned to kill the application.

I used the temp senser but I recommend you to wait for a better version or good luck.

With stokage variables or with mBlock, it would be very easy but we mBlock on PC does not work for now.
I made ring 3 times then wait between 15 and 15 minutes and 30 seconds


If a person knows how to simplify logic, go



My son’s Amazon Fire has the s/w which he misplaced and I’ve finally found it today. I’ll attempt this myself tomorrow as my 9 year old has given up. With mBlock he has already created the program in a jiffy like you said. I have started to seriously dis-like this flow-based programming. At least for Neuron feels very constrictive. Also, as he grows up a more mBlock like (i.e. Scratch) type approach will be better for him in the long run. Flow-based is good for understanding the basic logic gates, etc. though.


IOS application is for simple projects. But it works pretty well.
I have many small projects including this one.

Do not cross the laser.



I have created a new topic with better logic : ici
I have some questions.


my father found my Kindle. I dont know how to screen so I wrote an alarm to wake me up when sunglight.

light sensor ----> [>2] -----> Toggle Switch ----> Counter
-----> [<6] --------> Buzzer
-----> [>6] ---------> Nothing
The counter reset is 11.

So, buzz when light and light changing 5 times.
No buzz for another 6 times
Then buzz again.

I want to now put a button to switch off buzzing like my bunny alarm clock.