Makeblock Music Robot Kit 2.0


I want to trigger my Music Robot to play a stored melody with a doorbell switch. How do I do that?


Step 1 You can put your doorbell score as shown in the text box.
Step 2 Click Autoplay.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!
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Thanks, Albert. What I want to do is trigger the music score with a single switch such as a pushbutton doorbell switch rather than click Autoplay with my mouse.

I want to use the Music Robot AS a replacement for my regular doorbell.


Hello. New to the forum. I am having a problem with the Music Robot: Assembly was fine, so was the code compiling, upload. But the robor does not respond to the keyboard application or computer keyboard. I have setup the right port, which is open. The electronics seems to be fine, all leds light up correctly, but there is no response. Any way to test this? Many thanks in advance.


Hi ssaldivar,

Please refer to this instruction and upgrade firmware for the music Robot with software MusicBot have a try.
After upgrade firmware, please keep the Music robot still connected to the MusicBot software (it may be disconnected automatically upgrade firmware)


Thank you, but I need to make clear that my version does NOT have the IR sensor nor the LED strip. The keyboard on my computer screen does not look like the one in the instructions. So, where do I find the firmware I need to update?


OK, I was able to upgrade the firmware and the MusicBot program. The onscreen keyboard now responds to my physical keyboard, but the robot is yet unresponsive. I have powered both the Arduino and the shell to no avail. Thanks.


Hi ssaldivar,

Do you mean the hammer won’t move when you press the keyboard?
Please make sure you have chosen the correct board and COM port while upgrading firmware for Music robot.
Besides, make sure the Musicbot software still says connected to the robot after upgrade firmware.

Also, which kind of battery do you use for the robot kit, please not that you need power the Orion board with 12V power and make sure the power switch on the Board is pulled to on.

Once still the same issue, please take a video for your operation on the Musicbot software and the behave on the Robot.


my DC Frame Type Solenoid wont work… why anybody can tell me?


Hi HalleyK,

Please check if the two small wires coming from the DC Frame Type Solenoid are in correct order.
Besides, check if the two wires have been inserted into the yellow terminal properly (make sure each metallic line in the small wire touched to the metallic part inside the yellow terminal ) .
You may try loosen the screw, then re plug both small wires to the yellow terminal, and screw them again.



I have a Music Robot kit and we mistakenly updated the firmware using MBlock. Is there any way to reset the firmware program on the Music Robot board either manually, through MBlock, or through the Music Robot Software?

Thanks in advance.

Reseting starter robot kit to default program in mblock

Hi littlehera,

You can upgrade firmware for the Music Robot with the Musicbot Software.
Here is the learn website where you can find the instructions for the Music Robot.