How to Upgrade Firmware for Me Orion board with mBlock Software


Step 1. Please keep the buzzer be turned off, show as the following picture:

Step 2. Upgrade Firmware via mBlock, as follows:

  1. Download the latest mBlcok software in this link and decompress it.
  2. Power off the Orion Board and connect it to PC with USB cable:
  3. Install the mBlock software and open it, then choose the Me Orion under Board:
  4. Choose the correct Serial port of Orion Board under Connect -> Serial Port: (Here my Orion Board’s serial port is COM4, and you can check your Orion board serial port under your computer’s Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT))

  5. Then choose the Upgrade Firmware by going to Connect->Upgrade Firmware, then Close when it shows Upload Finish.

If your PC is Mac:
Please download the latest version mBlock for Mac, after you install the mBlock software, you need install the driver on Mac:
If your Mac os is below mac os sierra, here is the link to download the driver.
If it is Mac os sierra, please download and install this driver.
If it is Mac os high sierra, here is the link to download the driver.

Besides, when choose Serial port under Connect->Serial Port, please choose port similar to /dev/tty.wchusbserial1410.

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