How to Reset default program for Ranger with mBlock 3.4.x


For windows PC

  1. Download the latest version mBlock 3.4.x and install it on your PC.
    Decompress the file after download, then install it on PC.
  2. Power off the Ranger and then connect it to PC with USB cable, open the mBlock software and choose Board as Auriga:
  3. Choose correct Serial port under Connect . If your PC is windows, you need check the serial port for Ranger under device manager, show as following picture.

  4. Upgrade Firmware: click Reset Default Program->mBot Ranger under Connect. After it shows upload finish, please move the USB cable, power on Ranger and see if it work.

If your PC is Mac:
Please download the latest version mBlock for Mac, after you install the mBlock software, you need install the driver on Mac:
If your Mac os is below mac os sierra, here is the link to download the driver.
If it is Mac os sierra, please download and install this driver.
If it is Mac os high sierra, here is the link to download the driver.

Besides, when choose Serial port under Connect->Serial Port, please choose port similar to /dev/tty.wchusbserial1410.

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Hello @tec_support, installing the latest mBlock 3.4.11 I find that the Firmware for my Auriga (mBot Ranger) is V09.01.011 (I found it in Folder …\AppData\Roaming\com.makeblock.Scratch3.4.11\Local Store\mBlock\firmware\Firmware_for_Auriga). On GitHub here I find a Version V09.01.016.

Which Version should I use? In case you recommend the latest from GitHub, is there any convenient way of downloading and integrating it in the mBlock SW?

Thanks in advance for your advice
Regards, Stefan


same question regarding the megapi

  • mblock is using
    File Name : Firmware_for_MegaPi.ino
  • Author : myan
  • Updated : myan
  • Version : V0e.01.011
  • Date : 08/10/2016

GitHub has
File Name : Firmware_for_MegaPi.ino
3 * Author : myan
4 * Updated : myan
5 * Version : V0e.01.015
6 * Date : 03/01/2018

updates include:
Mark Yan 2016/08/24 0e.01.012 Fix issue MBLOCK-171(Stepper online execution slow), MBLOCK-189(on board encoder motor reset issue).
25 * Mark Yan 2017/03/01 0e.01.013 fix RGB lights issue.
26 * Mark Yan 2017/06/21 0e.01.014 fix JIRA issue 668 710.
27 * Mark Yan 2018/01/03 0e.01.015 add the absolute motor move for encode motor & add new stepper command.


Hi Stefan,

Where do you find the file path (\AppData\Roaming\com.makeblock.Scratch3.4.11\Local Store\mBlock\firmware\Firmware_for_Auriga)?
What is the operating system of your computer?
Here I checked the Firmware_for_Auriga version is V09.01.016 under the mBlock 3.4.11 installation path showing on picture below:
Could you check if you can find the correct path (D:\mBlock\Arduino\portable\sketchbook\libraries\makeblock\examples), I installed mBlock under disk D.
If there is no such path or there is but the version is still V09.01.011 . You may try totally uninstall mBlock, then download and install it again have a check.


Hi rojoamigo,

In the similar path (D:\mBlock\Arduino\portable\sketchbook\libraries\makeblock\examples\Firmware_for_MegaPi), the version of megapi firmware is V0e.01.014 in mBlock 3.4.11
On the Github page, it is V0e.01.015 since our engineers has made some changes to generate a special version firmware to fix some problem when work with the Python library on Github.


This is where I was looking on windows 10

mblock firmware megapi


Hello @tec_support,

Thanks for your prompt Response. When I follow your path above (mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\mBlock\Arduino\portable\sketchbook\libraries\makeblock\examples\Firmware_for_Auriga) I find the Firmware with latest Version of V09.01.016. That’s great.

The complete path on Windows 10 I mentioned in my previous post is: C:\Users<user Name>\AppData\Roaming\com.makeblock.Scratch3.4.11\Local Store\mBlock\firmware\Firmware_for_Auriga. This path opens when I select “Connect / View Source” from the mBlock menu and, as mentioned, I find the older V09.01.011 in that Folder. Not sure whether the file in that path is used for anything. At least it is misleading to find an older Version in a irrelevant (is it really?) path under that menu item.

If you can confirm that the path you mention is the relevant one, you might want to correct what path opens when you select “Connect / View Source”.

Thanks and regards


Hi rojoamigo,Stefan

mBlock use the latest firmware under the path: \mBlock\Arduino\portable\sketchbook\libraries\makeblock\examples.
We have confirmed with our engineer, the file under connect->view source hasn’t been updated, it is just a source code which for reference, won’t affect the program block on mBlock software.
Currently, the engineers are working on developing on mBlock 5 project so that there is no plan to update a new version for mBlock 3.x. But we have recorded it and update it when there is plan to publish a new version for mBlock 3.x. Thanks for your feedback!