Level 7-3


we can not solve level 7-3. can someone help us?


Hi, here is the correct commands to pass this level.


Excuse me guys… level 7-3 of what?


Hi Dutes,

It is the mBlock APP which has many program games for mBot or mBot Ranger.


For some reason it is not working for us. When we run the code, the lights turn red before we even lift the mbot.
How do I know if the sensors are working properly?



Hi Carlos,
Sorry for the late reply. This level depends on Line follower sensor. I will send you an email with the guidance for testing the line sensor.
And did you use non-english as the phone system language? We tested with English that is working.


Hi! ty for responding. So I tried the instructions provided with no luck. The sensors are ok, as they turn on and off as I block them or do not accordingly.

Then, as the FAQ mentions I checked the cables to be in the right position, but still no luck. Then I followed the directions on the FAQ to reset the program. So I installed the software and updated the firmware but it still does not work.

I have also checked that I am using the right instructions and yes, they are correct.

Any other suggestions?



That is too strange. To figure it out, can we have video call via skype? This is my account live:stephanie.wu_10
I work from 9:00 am to 18:30 pm, Mon-Fri, China time. I am not sure if it is convenient to you.

By the way, when you try with 7-3, pick up the mBot, did line sensor light change (should be off)?



Yes I will add you to skype, Im sorry it took me long to respond.

To your question, yes, the sensor lights do turn off when I pick it up. Its very weird, its more like the problem is in the coding, not in the bot. as I was writing this I just realized that on our software we do not have the repeat bucle available, we have only a forever available. Could that be the issue?



Hi Carlos,
In level 3, we should unlock “repeat” block under “control”. Would you confirm that again?
Or please add me in your skype and let me know when will be convenient for our video call.