Improving Makeblock (Call to the Community!)


NiMH will give less volts but you can usually pull more current out of them. Typical alkalines are 1.5v and NiMH are 1.2


I ordered 16 NiMH cells from Amazon along with a charger. I also found a battery holder that accommodates 8 AA sixed cells and replaced the holder that was supplied with the kit. So far, the NiMHs seem to have done the trick in being able to supply the peak current needed for the motors.

As an aside, the iPad bluetooth control app seems to be far superior to the Android version and even more robust than the version that runs on the iPhone.

The Makeblock team replaced a 25mm motor very promptly. Now it’s time to have some serious fun with it!


I like to use a single “7.2V Tenergy 3800mAh Flat NiMH High Power (38A Drain Rate) Battery Pack with Tamiya connector for RC Cars and Sumo Robots” and a “DROK® Micro Electric DC/DC Boost Converter LM2577 Step-up Voltage Transformer 3-34V to 4-35V 5V/12V Volt Regulator Controller with Red LED Voltmeter” to power my smaller robots. This lets you set the the motor voltage at the desired level (9-12 VDC) independent of the battery voltage and it doesn’t run down during use. The Boost converter also lets you switch the voltmeter between the input and output so you can monitor the discharge.


I bought the ultimate robot kit for my child this Christmas. And I am having many of the same problems the rest of
You are having.
I am having a good experience with dealing with Makeblock support however.
My kit is a radio shack kit. Outdated manual, missing parts and a bad motor. The Bluetooth will not work with my phone and I am not able to upload any of the corresponding programs.
They sent me a new manual over the web and have promised me the parts and new motor.
But my biggest frustration now is the programming. My computer runs with Mac new El Capitan. Despite running through all of the extra steps they have given me to by pass programming and allow these programs to work, I can not get things up and running. When running through these steps my computer in the terminal says that I could


My computer suggests it could crash and be damaged. What? This doesn’t
Seem like a viable option to me.
The programs need to be updated
To work with Yosemite and El Capitan with out these risks.

Has any one gotten the programs to work on El Capitan? They want me to get a Windows computer,
But if this robot doesn’t work with the computer I own it is useless to me.


I have no experience with Makeblock. it is new for me
Assignment Help


Yes, I agree, Makeblock needs to make some serious changes.

I will add that I live in Shenzhen (where the company is located) and have had tech support to the tune of 20 or more responses in a day. In English.

But, even though that support was very forthcoming, the person I spoke with did not know much about the technical aspects of the hardware/software…

Granted, it would surely be difficult to find someone who not only speaks fluent Chinese/English, but also someone with technical knowledge as well.

In the end, it’s up to us to convince MakeBlock that its in THEIR BEST INTEREST to have good customer support for their products.

But until that time, I fear it will be up to us, as a community, to support each other with the technical crumbs that we are able to gather along the way.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your advice. We will strengthen training on customer supports and keep improving on weak parts.