Voice Recognition Module Doesn't Work


It appears the voice recognition module doesn’t work. I connected it to the display, create a program that should recognize spoken emotions and display them on the display module, but I get nothing. Is there some trick to the module or is it dead?



I did not play much with the block: Voice recognition.

It does not work for me with the block: Power

However, it works with an external power supply:

  • Block: Bluetooth
  • Block: WIFI
  • Block: Wireless-R (Wireless-T not tested)

Just to say: Hello Makeblock Love


Does any of this come with a manual? I ask because this is the first thing I’ve seen regarding a wakeup command (“Hello Makeblock”). I could not find a manual in the box and haven’t seen anything online. I’m winging it most of the way… I guess that’s what “explorer” in “explorer kit” means.


hehehe … very funny.

  1. Since their providers to detroy their neuron.makeblock.com website, they are no longer very talkative. Definitely very busy to remake their site.

  2. Moreover, they let us explore the possibilities by ourselves.

  3. I am waiting for permission to publish my unofficial site. On my site there should be a lot more information. However, it will be in French because I am really bad in english.


You have chosen the most complex block. For a complex project, I believe it will require a free 30 days access to the microsoft cognitive service. Configure your access with the WIFI block for logic in the makeblock application ??? Eventually, I succeeded but my access expired :sob:


We are so sorry that we haven’t fixed the neuron website yet, and we will keep pushing our engineers to do it. We would like to share a good news for you guys. A new version Neuron app will be available in the middle of October, and it will include a bunch of Neuron examples for users to try :smile:


It’s cool !!!


Is there any update on this issue ?. Even I noticed the same problem.


Hi rnikhil1,

Do you mean you can’t wake up the Voice Recognition Module?
Because the voice recognition module is very senstive, it is affected by tones on speaking frequency and intensity ranges. Could you try to use Google translate to speak “Hello Makeblock” and check whether the voice recognition could be awaken? Then also use the Google translate to speak smile, love, sad, etc.


Thanks… I tried with Google translate to speak “Hello Makeblock”. But still the voice recognition does not seem to respond. Tried with both the Bluetooth block (as mentioned above) and the Power block as mentioned in the manual. In both these cases it does not seem to work.
Wondering how this voice recognition has been tested in your lab. Is there any way to reprogram it / workaround to make it work without using the “Hello Makeblock”.


Good idea, rnikhil1.

Change “Hello Makeblock” by “Hello Jack” for example.
Would Makeblock have planned some things for us ???

The block does not always work perfectly but me it worked.
Plug the Bluetooth into a power supply and glue the Micro block.

It really does not work ???


Hi rnikhil1,

Which Country are you in?
Could you try this voice test, play the video and see if the voice in the video can wake up your voice recognition module.Voice Recognization Test.zip (7.0 MB)

@rnikhil1@Crackel, As for the suggestions, we record and provide feedback to neuron team for further assessment. Thanks for sharing them.


I am in India. I tried to play the video from the file you provided.
Please see the attached link.
Still the same result. The voice recognition does not seem to recognize.the command.

Hi Crackel,
As you suggested, I tried with the Bluetooth connected to the power supply.
Still the same. Except for the light at the bottom left, the block seems to be unresponsive. I wish there was some way to do a factory reset of the module or some way to test if the module is actually working for not.


hmmmmm, the light at the bottom left should light up and the voice recognition block will work with the .MOV
It should react when the sound of the speaker


Hi rnikhil1,

I am consulting our engineer about this issue.
From the video, it looks like not easy to see the led up on bottom left. Since you confirmed it, maybe it is just an angle problem.
Did you always use the fully charged power module while testing? Has the voice recognition module ever say any word accidentally?


I did notice that the led on the bottom left was glowing in all the cases. Also I tried several times with the modules in the vertical position and very near to the speaker. But the position does not seem to make any difference. The power module shows 3 of the 4 LEDs when connected and I have also tried with an external power adapter (connected to the Wireless-R module). So far in all my testing , the voice recognition module has never uttered a single word . Actually I came to know that the voice recognition was supposed to repeat back the command from your video :slight_smile:
I noticed that a few other people also mention this problem Could this be problem be related to a certain batch of manufactured components.?
May be if you get hold of one of them, you could identify the problem and provide some solution to all the concerned folks. ?.
If you want me to send this to you for testing, please let me know.


Hi rnikhil1,

Since this module never makes any sound even play the standard voice. We suspect this one is faulty.
We have sent an email to you, look forward to hear from you with the info requested, thanks!


My neuron Speak in chinese ,can you help me to set on english

When i say heelo makeblock he respond something in chinese …i think …shinsi


Hi Florin,

The Voice recognition block can recognize both Chinese and English. You can use the English command “Hello Makeblock” to wake up the English voice recognition function. If it can’t recognize the English command, please try play the voice command with the standard English voice software as suggested in the email.