I CANNOT get the laser or my machine to ANYTHING except be able to move it with the arrow keys with GRemote!! I try to send files with benbox and nothing happens! I did all of the firmware updates and crap that the instructions said to do but I can’t get the laser to come on and nothing moves on it’s own! There are 2 versions of benbox one just says “disconnect” for the port and the other ones have the ports listed and says “success” but still nothing works! If anyone has ANY idea what why my machine is not working PLEASE help! I’m going crazy and about to pull the rest of my hair out!


UPDATE: So I was able to get the benbox to move the laser as if it was working, however the laser did NOT turn on! Then later I got the laser itself to come on (using GRemote) but it didn’t actual do anything (I tired loading a file through that) It didn’t work. The laser also did not burn anything. Then things really got messed up were sometimes it would move and sometimes it wouldn’t, sometimes the laser comes on and sometimes it don’t! But I have yet to have it actually burn or cut anything!! I’m very annoyed with all the steps and the different things you have to do with firmware and arduino and the flush thing and nothing I do can get it to work properly!!


some lasers require additional PCB… have a look here: