Use an Arduino to Control a Makeblock Lego Car


Recently we used Makeblock and Lego motor to build a Makeblock Lego Car. By using the Me-Lego Motor Bridge and Me-Lego Digital Bridge we use an Arduino Uno board as the controller to make a obstacle avoidance robot.

See more details about the robot.

As you can see from the picture, Makeblock is compatible with Lego very well. And you can also use an Arduino to control Lego motors and sensors easy.

More robots can be built by using Makeblock and Lego together.


Is it possible to connect “Me Lego Motor Bridge V2.0” directly to arduino? How it should be done?


Hi bennyber,

You can see the answer here.


THe Me-Lego Digital Bridge and Me-Lego Motor Bridge I can’t find in the Makeblock online store.