Update firmware "Me Encoder Motor Driver"


Hi Makeblock
I have just bought a new “Me Encoder Motor Driver”. It is a very neat and nice board.
I followed the instruction from this link: API Documentation of Me Encoder Motor.
When I implement the method: GetCurrentPosition, it appeared in Arduino IDE that:“class MeEncoderMotor has no member named ‘GetCurrentPosition’”.
My question is: Do I need to upgrade the new firmware of “Me Encoder Motor” to fully utilise its powers. Besides, if I do not have the USB2serial tool used to upgrade its firmware, can I use my Arduino Uno as a USB2serial tool.
Thank you so much for your consideration.
Looking forward your response.


Be aware that Chinese New Year is in progress so a response may not come quickly. :slight_smile:


Hi, Do you have the same issue as me. Nice to meet you.


I’m not using the encoder motors yet. Still finishing up some stuff with the mBot.


Hi Huy_Vub,

Are you going to play the me encoder motor driver with Arduino? If you use it with mBlock software, there is no need to upgrade firmware for the me encoder motor.

While if you know very well with the Arduino and want to use it in Arduino, you can upgrade firmware for the driver and use the new example program for it. It should be okay to use Arduino uno to upgrade its firmware if there is no USB to TTL tools. Since this is belong to advanced DIY application, we don’t have detailed the instructions for it, you may need be good at such operation or search more instructions online for the detailed steps. Hope you can figure it out.


Hi MakeBlock
Thanks for your support.
I had used the Arduino Uno to update new firmware for the encoder driver.
Thus, now I can execute the new example in order to receive the angular velocity feedback.


Hi Huy_Vub,

Glad to hear that you already figured it out. Great Job!