Two-way Bluetooth communication


Ref: Two-way Bluetooth communication between mBot and Android by @Andreas Huppert in the Openlab.

As per his instructions, the cell phone needs to be paired with a device attached to Bluetooth LE first before attempting to connect the device. At the phone settings, I am unable to pair the device named Makeblock-LE. The device (mBot) is being powered on with the blue LED blinking on Bluetooth module. I tried both LG V20 and Galaxy Note 5. Neither succeeded. What am I doing wrong?


Make sure no other device which is paired to the mBot is in range (or disable their Bluetooth) - that very often causes trouble.


Thank you for your reply, Andreas.

During the pairing session, my phone shows two names for the Bluetooth LE module, Makeblock AND Makeblock_LE. I mistakenly chose the latter for the pairing. Now, I was able to connect the Bluetooth to my phone using Makeblock, not Makeblock_LE. That solves the problem. Note: the phone doesn’t ask for a password during the pairing session.

BTW, are you able to utilize Makeblock_LE instead? Pairing is not required with Makeblock_LE. Only you need to move your phone closer to the device in order to connect.

Geo Massar