Transfer programs from/to mBlock mobile app



is there a way to transfer saved programs from/to the mBlock mobile app?
I would like to push exercises from mBlock PC to mBlock tablets and to backup code written in the mobile app.
If not, would you consider this functionality for the future mBlock v5 of the mobile and PC version.

Thank you


Hi forti,

Thanks for pointing out your suggestion.
Yes, this function will be considered for the future mBlock v5 of the PC version and tablet version. But for smart phone, it will take a long time.

mBlock on Android. how to copy saved programme to a PC?

Thank you. Until then, where are located the mBlock programs I save on a tablet? I would like to copy these to other tablets.


Hi Forti,

Currently, there is no such info we can provide. For this request, will consider doing account synchronization system later.


Hi, please consider this functionality without the need of internet connection


Haha! Will convey your request to related department, thanks!


Hello, I would also highly appreciate a way to share mBlock app programs between devices better then just taking screenshots. E.g. I would like to share what I do on my device with my son so that he can learn from it. Also, it would be great to share the programs in the community to learn from each other.

Thanks in advance to @tec_support for considering this as a useful future requirement.
Regards, Stefan


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for sharing your opinion, we will convey your needs to related team.