Too much power?


I recently purchased this battery pack in hopes to fix an issue i had with poor performance and controls that suddenly reversed itself after months and months of use. (i finally got the reversed controls working after flipping one of the wire connects. im still confused how the controls got flipped in the first place)

Anyway, now with the new battery pack, my starter kit tank robot is insanely fast, so much so that now i wonder if im supplying too much power to the robot and could damage it?

Here is a link to the battery…Its a HitLights Rechargeable 12V DC Lithium Ion Battery Pack, 3800 mAh, for LED Strip Light, Tape Light and more

It was my understanding that these motors are able to use ~9v ~12v currents, is this true?

Is this battery pack ok to use?

Thanks for any info =)


Hi NoDisasemble,

The 12v (the maximum voltage does not exceed 12v) battery should be ok . Please refer to this post from other people:

Suggestion is that please temporarily turn off the power switch on Orion board while you upload program to main board with USB cable


You can put one of these or similar from Amazon or EBAY in series with the battery to adjust the voltage as required.

DROK® DC-DC Voltage Buck Converter Volt Regulator 5V-30V to 0.8-29V Step-down Transformer Power Module 5A Constant Adjustable LED Dual Display Amp/Volt Ampere Ammeter Voltmeter Current Volt Tester.

You will also need some inline power connector or leftover M/F cable you can cut in half.

Woshida 10 Pack 5.5x2.1mm Male and Female DC Power Jack Adapter Connector Plug for CCTV


Sorry to hijack this thread, but could anyone recommend a supplier for this kind of battery pack in the EU?

The closest I’ve been able to find in my country is this 12V, 3700mAh pack, but it’s 50 euros without included charger and no casing or on-off switch.


Using this exact configuration for the Starter IR kit the Orion board quickly burns out. There is visable smoke coming off the board. If your going to use this power pack then you are going to need a voltage limiter. The instructions say 12v is fine but probably going to need to limit down to 9-10v.

I’ve gone through two Orion boards now with the same issue.


I bought this one 12V Lion battery but once I’ve tried to use it my Orion board was clicking and flashing red LED. So now I cannot upload anything to the board. There is no any external sings that board was broken so I hope the bootloader just was broken.
So my advice is to use some lower voltage battery to supply Orion.