Rasberry pi controller


Can I control makeblock sensors using raspberry pi. And does the Me Shield for Raspberry Pi work with ME Auriga?


Hi Galactic_dragon,

The Me Shield for Raspberry Pi doesn’t work with the Me Auriga, it was designed for the Me Orion board or Me Baseboard.
If you want to control the makeblock sensors with raspberry Pi, you may need the other board like me Orion or MegaPi.

While since this is belong to advance application for geeks, there is only limited support can be provided with this example instruction . Normally, users need figure it out by themselves.


Are you you sure as I hear that the Me Auriga is the updated version of Orion and that nearly nothing changed except more ports and port 5 is now only grey. And their are on board sensors.


Hi Galactic_dragon,

The mainchip for the Me Auriga is Arduino Mega 2560 while the one for the Me Orion is arduino uno.
Though it is the updated version of the Orion board, they have different chips and circuit diagrams.


Thank you very much.