R2D2 project


My son and I have just finished the mBot Rover and it is awesome. So next we want to refurbish an old R2D2 toy he had that is no longer operational and replace the micro controller with an arduino. It has a total of only three motors. two for the legs and one for the head to rotate. In our imagination we can see all kinds of sensors on this platform while maintaining the original R2D2 looks and configuration. We are obviously newbies however he has taken to this like a duck to water. So any suggestions would be great. Like a board that can support the motors and sensor array you would expect R2 to have.



Have you made any progress with this? What a great project. I think the Auriga would be perfect for this. 5 slots for sensors (PIR motion sensor and ultrasonic would be a must, maybe a compass sensor) and some built in (gyro, 2 light if you can relocate the LEDs, audio, temp) as well as the buzzer (could probably do some pretty convincing R2 without much fuss, you can select notes and note length very easily). Maybe drive his existing motors/wheels with a motor port and run an encoder to rotate and spin his head (and detect people and objects). Could even put a high power flashlight LED or laser in there too and get some interesting effects. “Help me, Eboutwell. You’re my only hope”


The ultrasonic sensor is already pretty reminiscent of part of R2s head, might need to drill an extra hole or two in the dome though!