Project : Light to cross the street (Help)



I have some problem with my project :
Description: press the button to tranfers the street.

  1. I am required to put a toggle statement for the sequence statement to execute completely;
  2. How to put the toggle a false after my sequence instruction?
  3. It would take at least 2 more blocks in the sequence instruction to do some good things (why not 4 more for a maximum of 10)

Note : I had thought to link my last block of my sequence instruction to my toggle to fix it to false but it does not work.

Sorry my english a really bad :sob:


Wow, it’s so amazed to find somebody using “sequence” node so well.

There’s a “repeat” option in the sequence node. When turned off, the sequence will only run once until the input switch from false to true a second time.

We wished to stuff more outputs in the sequence node, but it turns out to be really ugly - eg. the sequence node might get deleted when simply dragged. So the limit is 6, at least for now. But Makeblock is still finding a better way to increase the possibility of this node.


Hi bigeyex

I’ve created cardboard gabaries for my project. Since my blocks are sideways so the image is displayed aside.
Could we have an option to rotate the images of our LED PANEL in the IOS application?

Currently, I will reverse my images manually.

Thank you


Here is the revised solution.

For better functioning, makeBlock correct the statement: Sequence.
It must run completely before starting again. It should not be interrupted.