Problem with CH340 and CH341


Hi everybody:
I was using MacOS Yosemite, but for actualization issues I had to upgrade my OS to Sierra, and then the problem with Makeblock started. I can use the Mblock app with no problem whatsoever. However, when I connect the mcore, the auriga or MegaPi My mac enters in kernel Panic.
What I already try was:

  • Put in my terminal: sudo spctl --master-disable
  • And also; sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/usb.kext

Has anyone had success making work the Makeblock’s Arduino Compliant Boards with MacOS X Sierra?
I would appreciate any help or advice.


Yes, there see this link.

@tec_support, this is a frequent enough topic that it merits being the FAQ or sticky noted where it’s easily found. :slight_smile:


Hi Charles,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Here I have added it into my post for mBlock FAQs, hopefully the users who meet the same issue in the future can find it easily.


Thanks for your help