Problem Cloud


Hello MakeBlock,

I tried to share on the Internet a very simple little program

but I get the following error:

  1. I already succeeded a few months ago.
  2. Only the versions of the Makeblock app are different
  3. The connection to the WIFI block is correct.

IPAD with the latest version of the app.


Hi Crackel,

Do you use the Neuron APP 1.3.2 on the iPad. We have tested it here. The iOS version Neuron APP 1.3.2 does have the problem.

Actually, we already ave the Neuron APP 1.3.3, but it hasn’t been updated in the APPLE Store since APPLE company is on holiday now.
If you have android devices, you can experience the Android version neuron APP 1.3.3 first.

Cloud Limitation?

Super … I will wait for the new version.
This is not urgent.



When I received my Neuron kit, the cloud worked.
Now and at least since version 1.3.2, I am no longer able to send my projects to the cloud.

Is there a project because otherwise I will have to reinitialize my block WIFI.

I do not get this screen anymore and my blocks are always OFFLINE.
I changed the PW of the block by my PW, is that the problem?


Hi Crackel,

Here we tested the latest version neuron APP on the iPad, there is no problem to share the project on cloud with it.
You may try re initialize the wifi block, then add a internet wifi to it and try the iot function.


hmmm … Yeah, I’ll do it at the end of the week.



I find part of the problem.

Some blocks can not be used for the Cloud.

I replaced my Button block with a button statement and the icon to transfer to the Cloud appears.

Unfortunately, the PIR block that triggered a picture shoot with the camera no longer works.
When I received my kit from the Kitstarter, I think it worked.

Can you tell us which block is not working in the cloud?


Last problem …

Unable to send to the Cloud, even after resetting the WIFI block


Hi Crackel,

It is normal that the physical hardware button can’t be shared through the cloud.
You must set the trigger as a software button which can be found under cloud control on the APP.

For the issue that you can’t share the QR Code, have you checked if you connected the me wifi module to the internet?
With the mobile connected to the neuron wifi, can you access internet on the mobile device at the same time?



It may be normal that the physical block can not be trigger in the Cloud but it limits the possibilities and the creativity.


Is it possible to have an picture taken when a person crosses the laser or is detected by the PIR block ?

Is it possible to trigger an engine when someone touches the Funny Touch ?

Is it possible to count the number of people using ULTRASONIC ?

Creativity = Possibility


Hi, for my problem. I do not have access to the Internet.

I removed the WIFI network on my iPad
I reconnect my iPad to WIFI to be sure of the PASSWORD
I reset the WIFI block
I connect the iPad on the block WIFI with PASSWORD MAKEBLOCK
I have selected my WIFI and registered my PASSWORD

No internet.

PS Do you want a video ???


Hi Crackel

Do you have internet access if you connect the ipad to your home wifi?
If yes, please add your home wifi to the me wifi module refer to this instruction. Then when you connect iPad to wifi from Me wifi block, the iPad can still access internet. And you can use the iot function.

For the other questions, normally, it is possible to have an picture taken when a person detected by the PIR block (only when the output value of PIR changes from N to Y) and it is possible to trigger an engine when someone touches the Funny Touch. For the Laser, we haven’t test it, but you can give a try. As for count the number of people using ultrasonic, not sure how you come up such idea with Neuron, it looks like this is not possible to achieve on Neuron.



The cloud is functional. I was not connected to the Internet.

For the block Ultrasonic, actually the Laser will allow me more easily to count the world that passes.

It would be nice to have a visual call in the Neuron application for block and instructions that would be usable in the cloud.

An icon with help that would list all the blocks or instructions.1


Hi Crackel,

Good to hear the iot works again.
Thanks for the further suggestions, that sounds great, we will share it to the neuron team.