Potential bug in product - for custom programs


Let’s just say a small program is written using custom projects. It’s something like this:

  2. Power button
    Now for ANY of the buttons the code is something like this:
    UP button:
    When button pressed
    Raise Airblock for duration = 1
    Now we can go all fancy and add it into a forever loop, etc., etc. along with some sensing, blah blah.

The bug:
1st. time I move it into PLAY mode from DESIGN mode - I slide the power button to ON mode, causing the drone to start up.
Then I press UP and viola - the drone goes up. Down: Goes down. ALL good!
Then I land it (I have a land button also)

The problem is immediately afterwards if I re-start the drone by re-sliding the power button (which btw: remains in the ON stage after landing … so I need to slide it to OFF and then ON again… this again is a minor bug but…)
AND I PRESS UP AGAIN. Here’s where the drone starts to act funny. It can’t seem to take any commands like before. Ideally, it should mirror the previous run, now however it can barely rise and falls right back down, goes up again - basically starts to act crazy.

I tried with various programs - all with the same simulation. First time: Excellent. Next run onward: the drone can’t seem to understand the custom programs correctly.

To bypass this there are 2 approaches I found:

  1. To press the LEFT topmost arrow and go back to home screen and re-select the program. Then it works.
  2. Alternatively, pull out the battery in the drone and re-insert, redo connections and retry. (An ordeal, trust me)

Surprisingly, the stock programs included do not suffer from this.

Currently, I would consider this to be show-stopper. As this drone is marketed for programmable portion which btw does not work as envisaged.


Hi bmninada,

Which version Makeblock APP do you use?
Besides, what is the model of your mobile device you using to control the Airblock?


IPhone 6. Makeblock v3.0.2


Any update?


We have provided feedback with this issue to our engineers who are on the process of checking it. Please kindly wait for the updates.


Any update please?


Hi bmninada,

Our engineers have done the test on the iPhone 6 several times but the problem can not be reproduced.
Yesterday, we have published a new official version, please kindly install the latest version 3.0.3 have a try.

If you still have the issue, could you help take a video to show your program and the operation?