PCB mill/drill combination


I have been working on a rather large makeblock installation (I have ran out of screws now!)

It is a 1-stop milling-and-drilling setup to create PCBs in 1 go:

It uses the 8mm linear bearings + the threaded rod from a thread-drive pack, together with new stepper mounterplates, backlash compensation and a longer threaded rod I got from a local hardware store. The drill & mount I still had around - ordered them from germany about a decade ago.

The resulting board so far ->

This was milled using a 1mm router bit (way too big!) while I am waiting for the post to arrive containing a set of fresh 0.1mm v-groove routerbits.

More pictures here in my Facebook photoalbum

To be continued!


Great work dude !!


Very impressive use of Makeblock. Are you finding it rigid and vibration proof? On my X-Y drawing bot I get nuts vibrating loose - I can see why Makeblock have added nylon locknuts to the range.




It is quite rigid - in certain areas. The rods are a bit too long for this purpose - they tend to be a bit flexible in the middle. I shall have to make some shorter ones or wait until makeblock starts selling them shorter.

The screws are fine so far (and I already have a the nylon locknuts here as well :smile: )

What really helps is not making it vibrate in the first place by having proper acceleration and the flexcoupling on the steppers