New color sensor - can I use it with the mBot and/or the Ranger?



I was very happy to see in my local store that Makeblock has a new sensor, a color sensor:

However, I can’t find a coding block in mBlock that reads the value of the color sensor using the mBot. And I think I do have the latest update.

So my question is: is it possible to use this new color sensor with the mBot and/or the mBot Ranger? And if so, which coding block do I use in mBlock?




Hi PinkyPepper,

There is a mBlock extension for color sensor on mBlock, it was written by users.

Currently, the extension program for color sensor only works with MegaPi Pro. It doesn’t support the mCore or Auriga.
Since it is a new sensor, it hasn’t been supported by other mainboard temporarily.


Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Mega Pi Pro. Does Makeblock have plans to support it’s own new color sensor in mBlock for mCore and Auriga in the near future?




Hi PinkyPepper,

We have consult our product team, there is some plan for it but haven’t set yet.
So currently, we’re unable to provide a clear reply. Will inform you when there is update on this module.


Thanks. I do hope your product team will work on it later on. I would love to be able to use your new colour sensor with my mBot and mBot Ranger.


Did you mean only MegaPi Pro? I have an ultimate 2.0 with the megaPI.


Hi rojoamigo,

Yes, currently, only MegaPi Pro board support the color sensor, the MegaPi board doesn’t support it.