Nervous bird won't move while balancing


Hey everybody,

I am working on a project fort school, where I need to make a robot.
I have bought the nervous bird and I have tried to let it balance and move forward, but it won’t move forward while balancing.
So my question is, can the nervous bird move forward and balance at the same time and how can I accomplish this?


Did you use the smartphone app for making it move forward?


Can you tell the name of that app?


The first time I used the computer and the online scratch program and I have just tried the app and it will not connect, I would like to use the computer instead.
Any suggestions ?
Thank you.


Hi rokus1000,

I am afraid you need to use the Makeblock APP to control the nervous bird to make it balance and move forward since it is little possibility for you to write the graphical program with mBlock software to achieve this.

For the issue that you can’t connect the Makeblock APP to the nervous bird Bluetooth, may we know more details for the connecting issue?
Here we attach an instruction to guide connect Makeblock APP to the Robot Bluetooth.How to connect mBot Ranger Bluetooth to Makeblock (716.4 KB)


I would really like to run the program on PC with Scratch or Arduino code,
so I would like to know if there is any library for balancing the nevious bird on PC?


Hi rokus1000,

I am afraid the scratch code can’t make it. But you may try the arduino code.
Here is the instruction about how to install makeblock library for Arduino and find the source code of the firmware for Ranger robot (the firmware for Auriga).


hi everyone,

We have found the problem, the batterys are to weak to power the robot. We used a 230v to 9v 660 mA adapter and the robot worked with no problem. So now we are looking for an accu. rechargeable and with enough power to run the nervous bird. If anyone has suggestions, I would like to hear them!