Missing Makeblock parts


Spent the day waiting for a delivery from a customer, so figured I’d do some 3D modelling while waiting :smiley: Below is a list of the Makeblock parts that I’m missing and would like to see as soon as possible.

1-3 - These parts were suggested by user @Zephod and I’m all for it. If these parts existed, I would save a lot of time.

4 - For my current project I’m using belts and not having the Timing Pulley Slice’s for the 62T wheel/gears is really annoying. This should also be made ASAP as it prevents me from making smaller, better looking solutions.

5 - The same goes for the Timing pulley. It’s basically too small. The 18 tooth slips too easily and that’s why 3D printers use 20 or more teeth in their pulleys. I would suggest making one that is bigger and has 22 tooth instead.

6 - Not having a rubber wheel for the 62t gear/wheel makes it difficult to make smaller robots.

7-10. The new 24 x 24 beams are great even though they could definitely have some more holes. There should also be some shorter lengths available. The current set of joining plates does not match well with these new beams, so I would suggest making these additional connector plates as well.

As you can see, these are all basic parts. Hope you’ll consider to make these soon!


+1 for that ideas :smiley:

PS: Nice 3D Model !!


Hi Jenschr,

Very nice design! We have been working on some of these parts now. Our engineer @Xin Ouyang are working on the rubeer wheel of 62T now. This is what we got.

For the 4, 7, 9 and 10, We can make some out by laser cut machine, and have a test with them. I can send then to your in your VIP test package. I think there might be lots of people are interested with them:)

For 1,2 and 3 We do have plan to get them out. We have some 2 now, and I can also send them to you.

Could you share the 3D models file with us? My email is johnny@makeblock.cc



I think we need some platform to have a discuss with 3D models. It should looks like a github in CAD. Do you have someplace to recommend. I think GrabCAD would help us watch the 3D model, but it seems like no way to modify them.


@Markuitos, do you has any suggestion about that?


I used Thingiverse before, but after 3D Systems bought Makerbot (the Thingiverse owners) and then started suing Affinia, I withdrew my models from that site. These days I use YouMagine instead:


Nice! Parts #2 & #3 are already in the store? That’s fast & impressive! If I only had some spare time again…


Hi, jenschr, we alos launch #1 today, you may like it.


Received the parts yesterday - thanks for fast shipping!


You’re welcome, we’re happy you got it. Have fun :smile: