Mini XY Laser Engraver


If there is a better forum for questions about the Mini XY Engraver? If so, please re-direct.

I have constructed the plotter using the instructions, drivers and Arduino code (Marlin) from here:

However, the software downloaded from the link on this page ( drives the stepper motors beyond the plotter endpoints with any combination of F values and zero locations that I have tried. Can anyone advise appropriate values or is there better software available? Note that one of my steper motors appears to operate in reverse (according to the X+ and X- commands) - is this likely to be a hardware rather than a software issue?



Hi Gloomwriter,

For the issue that it drives the stepper motors beyond the plotter endpoints, is it possible for you to take a video to show your operation and the behaves.

For the issue that X axis motors work in reverse, please kindly check if the color wires coming from the x axis stepper motor were inserted to the green interface in correct order?