Microsoft recognition service speech not working!


The speech recognition service of Microsoft recognition is not working.
I am using the newest (3.4.11) mBlock version, which requires no API keys.
Only speech recognition service does not work, other three services (emotion, face, OCR) are working fine.


Hi oscarlai1114,

What is the operating system of your computer?

Here I have done the test on the voice recognition part and it works.

You may check if you have the stable internet connection and there is microphone on the Computer.


I have the same problem: “Say” block only plays the audio of my voice. No text is shown.
OS: Windows 10
mBlock release: 3.4.11


Hi marcopic,

Is the network connection working properly?
Here I tested on Windows 10 with mBlock 3.4.11, the voice recognition works too. Could you try again with a better network or change a Computer have a check?


Connection is very good. I have an optical fiber connection (30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload). I could try with another notebook. I’ll provide you with updates


No more tests yet but a new idea raised up in my mind.
I use a laptop with Windows 10 in ITALIAN. Could it be the speech recognition service of Microsoft IS NOT in Italian?


The language did play a role. For example, if I change the interface language to Chinese, MS recognition service will return Chinese voice recognition; while if I change it to English, it will return English translation.


So the question is: Is there a MS recognition service in ITALIAN? Where can I look for an answer to that question?


Hi marcopic,

I have tested the italiano, it works. But you need switch the language settings of mBlock to italiano. Here is a test picture for reference.
When I say “Buongiorno”, it panda will say the text “Buongiorno”


Now it works! :astonished::astonished:
I don’t know why indeed :wink:
But now I found out an error in traslation. I’m going to clarify.
The English blocks “start voice recognition” and “stop voice recognition”

are respectively translated in Italian as “ferma riconoscimento voce” and “inizia riconoscimento voce”

That’s NOT correct because “start” must be translated in Italian as “inizia” and “stop” as “ferma”.
In other words at the moment the traslation is inverted.

Best regards


Hi Marco,

I see, thanks for your clarify. I will inform our engineer to correct this translation.


I point out many blocks of Microsoft Cognitive Services aren’t translated in Italian as you can see in my image above. If you want, I can help you in translation


Hi Marcopic,

Thanks for your willingness of becoming our translate volunteers.
You can refer to this document to request for the access.


I read the document you cited, then I signed in Crowdin and I went to the mblock app project but I didn’t understad hot to get involeved. I noted there is not Italian language. Maybe the mblock app is being updating so nothing can be done now, can’t it?


Hi Marcopic, now mBlock app is being updated, so we’d invite you to join the other projects by email. :slight_smile: