Microsoft Cognitive Api in mBlock


I would like to know how use Microsoft Cognitive Extensions in mBlock.


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Thanks !. Now i’ve checked in to Microsoft services cognitive and inserted the keys in MBLOCK settings for face, emotion, text, speech.
When i do a face recognition test, cognitive service logs and increases the quota but mblock with samples do not visualizes recognition results and sometimes crashes


I am a mac user and i couldnt use cognitive services. When i use Windows everything works. Is it possible to fix it?


what function didn’t work? all functions? Did computer Vision API work, which means text read from camera.


what is the version of mBlock you are using?


Version 3.4.2


i tested the text recoginition (computer Vision API) is working and voice detected is working on my mac. how about you? did you mean all function does not work?


exactly nothing works. I can take pictures and trying to learn emotions no value has returned. But I can see that on microsoft web site counter is working. And also I try with Windows and it works. What am i missing?


we are trying to find the problem. it seems different computer has different problems. My mac air can’t use emotion and Face API.


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Try to connect mBot when you use MS recogition Service, it might be problem. the extension need to check the connection at the first time to use it.


I would like to know how use text to speech in mBlock? How to create extension about text to speech in mBlock?


There is no Text to Speech API for MS Congnitive in mBlock, you should write a extension which need to request MS API to use this function.

This might help。


I tried to use text recognition services but they did not work.
do you know if they work with the latest versions of Microsoft services?


Hi RenMarz,

Which version mBlock software do you use? And what is the operating system of your Computer?
Did you test all the kinds of the recognition services? Did all of them not work?


which is the endpoint to which this extension? ?



Sorry the link is not available, could you please send a value link again.
Besides, for your question, I may not understand it very properly, what do you mean by “endpoint of a extension”?