mBot Ranger makes an exact 90 degree turn with a gyro


I would like to make mBot Ranger turn left or turn right for 90 degrees, but the gyroscope’s axis Z has a bit strange, I must to set turn 180 degrees to actually turn 90 degrees, why?


Hi @keyoftime, I’m using the default turn-block in mBlock 3.4.8 to do turns with the Ranger.
For some reason, I have to enter ‘475’ degrees in the turn-block to actually make a 90 degree turn.

Hope this helps.


Hi, I have the same problem with the Z axis of the gyroscope. It’s strange because everything worked a month ago, I did this program and now it does not work anymore).

Sorry for my english but I’m french


Hi Kioub,

Which version mBlock software do you use?
You may press the reset button on the Ranger have a try before running this program.
Besides, please make sure you have upgrade firmware for Ranger robot if you are going to run the online program.