mBot or Starter Kit for 12 year old beginner?


I would like to get a Makeblock kit for my 12 year old who is interested in robotics, but currently has no experience. I want to find a kit that gives him the most possibility and room for growth. A lot of the add-on kits that I see are for mBot, but a lot of the projects I have seen people make use the starter kit. I feel like the more opportunity he has to come up with new ideas and try to build them, the more he would enjoy it. What would you recommend for him to get started?



I have the mbot v1.1 and Neuron. mBot can be a good start kit because the tablet app is easy to understand for an 8 year old kid. When it’s better, the mBlock app is like programming but for beginners. Makeblock even offers PDFs: ici

The mbot is very complete by default.

Conclusion: the mblot gives only one result but the possibilities to learn are real. If it’s creative style, Neuron is much more expensive but it’s very entertaining. Go compare both on Makeblock and visit:
Neuron (Kynox)