MBot - Bluetooth and IPad2's


Hi All,

Wonderful to be part of this community - as a new user its really useful to have all this information available. I can’t wait to crack on with some projects with MBot.

However, I seem to have a similar problem to others - using the bluetooth module with an IPad 2.

I can establish the bluetooth connection fine with the Android smartphone - but we have several Ipad2’s that the kids use. I can’t get these IPads to connect with MBot.

There are several other posts that make reference to IPad 2’s use of previous versions of bluetooth (2 not 4) - yet some contradict each other - and the Makeblock website does say that the Bluetooth module is compatible with bluetooth 2 and 4.

Can anyone offer a definitive solution or comment on this - am I just wasteing my time with Ipad 2’s.

Its pretty important to me, as if there is no way to link to IPad 2’s I will have to go and buy someone else for the kids to use :frowning:

Many thanks to you all.



I could not get it to work in an iPad 2 either. However, Makeblock support might have better info.


Hi ChrisJF,

The Bluetooth module on our product support BLE protocol, for Apple products, only the products published after the year 2011 support BLE protocol which can work with the Bluetooth on our product.
Since the iPad 2 doesn’t support BLE protocol, so it cannot work with our APPs which need connect with Bluetooth.

The APPs of our product work with iPad 3 and above and the iOS should be iOS 9.0 and above.


You should more clearly indicate which iPads, iPhones, and Androids will work with you product!!!
I have an iPad 2 running a supported version of IOS (9.3.5) and it won’t work.
My daughter was not very happy on Christmas Morning to discover she can’t use her $175 present.
SO Disappointing!


Hi Timbo,

Sorry to hear that!
Actually, we have listed the system requirement for the Makeblock APP as show on picture below: