mBot 101 with Genuino board


Hi. I got the demo kit which came without assembly instructions. Somehow managed to build it together but now I am stuck at programming. mBlock software doesn’t seem to have Genuino 101 under boards. If I pick Arduino Uno no progress. Is there any extra extension or something I need to do?

Mbot 101 - Unable to upgrade firmware - Windows 10
Fail to update firmware or upload code

Not sure where you got an mBot with a Genuino, but generally one would use the mCore board setting in mBlock. :slight_smile:


It does exist :slight_smile: https://github.com/Makeblock-official/MeBoard101

I did the fimrware loading as per instructions on the link. Now what I miss is the mBlock setting so I can start programming.


Hmm, I’d suggest contacting @tec_support on this one. :slight_smile:


Hi Uros76,

Where did you bought the demo kit?
Normally, all the mBot kits comes with mCore board.

Besides, do you use the Me uno shield together with the board Genuino 101 together.
On mBlock software, there is no Arduino Genuino 101 board available for select either.


Hi. I got the demo from my colleague.

I managed to get in touch with Robin from makeblock and got the necessary instructions. Thanks.


Hi Uros, I need to know how you fix this problem with Genuino101 and Me UNO Shield board.