Mbot 101 - Unable to upgrade firmware - Windows 10


Hi @tec_support

I was trying with all RJ25 ports empty and with only ports 2 and 9 plug in, but it still not working. I check that the serial port was not connected to any other software and I turn off the Arduino software. Are there any other possibilities of my mistake?


Hi DamianS,

We have consulted our R&D engineers about uploading program for mBot 101 with mBlock software and get the answer today.
Since the mBlock software doesn’t support Arduino 101 board, it doesn’t support uploading program to mBot 101 to make it work autonomously. mBot 101 only support mBlock online program.Sorry for the confusion before.

If you want to upload program to the mBot 101, please use the Arduino software directly.


Hi @tec_support

Thank you very much for your help. But I think about another solution to this problem. What if I replace Arduino 101 on Arduino UNO? Can I do something like this? Will it work with Me UNO Shield? Could i then uplouding pogram from mBlock and i will be work autonomously?


Hi Damians,

Yes, Arduino uno works with Me UNO Shield.And you can upload program to Arduino UNO with mBlock software.
But if you switch the board of mBot 101 with a me Uno shield, the example programs in the mBot 101 library won’t work.


Hi @tec_support

But it will work? Will I be able to make my own program that can be similar to mBot 101 library? When you talk about an example program from this library, do you mean 3 functions that I have now when I disconnect the mBot from the computer (manual control from remote mode, ruler, ultrasonic mode)?
In mBlock I have the "UNO Shield program " and other blocks, so I will probably be able to make the same programs as example programs in mBot101 library .
But most important for me is that mbot 101 will work properly with Arduino UNO?


Hi DamianS,

Yes, it will work.
I do mean the starter program with which can control the robot with IR remote controller as well as other program in the mBot 101 library.
If you know arduino program very well, you may be able to reprogram for the robot (switched with new board) to achieve the same function.

You can program the robot (with new board) with mBlock software, but the graphical program may not perform as good as the example arduino programs in the library. Anyway, you can try it to challenge yourself.


Is mBlock supporting Genuino101 board with Me Uno Shield now?


Hi Milan,

After you upload a particular firmware for the mBot 101 with Arduino software. You can do online program for it with mBlock software. But mBlock software doesn’t support uploading program to it.