mBlock training program 9-2 light sensor


We have managed to successfully get the mBot Starter Robot Kit working, and we have downloaded and are working through the mBlock training app. But we are stuck at exercise 9-2 Place the mBot in a dark place exercise. Because the light sensor never goes below 340 even with all the lights switched off, it can never get low enough to activate the threshold < 170 setting. So we cannot move past this exercise and are stuck. This is most annoying, you should have some sort of option to go past an exercise, in case it cannot be completed in a situation such as this. Otherwise it is a great product. Many thanks.


Hi philnotrobot,

Your robot is mBot or mBot Ranger?
Actually, the Starter is a different robot, there is no mBot Starter robot.

Btw, what is the language settings of your mobile device?